mandag 20. april 2020

‘I’m not Huawei’s spiritual leader. I’m a puppet leader,’ founder Ren Zhengfei says

Huawei Technologies’ founder Ren Zhengfei hopes that in time, he will be forgotten. “I’m just an old man. What’s the point of remembering me? People should think more about the future and the world,” the 75-year-old said in a recent interview with the South China Morning Post . “My biggest wish is to drink coffee in a cafe unnoticed.”

It is a simple wish, but one that seems out of reach for the chief executive of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment supplier, which is currently caught in the centre of an intense US-China tech war. A barrage of attacks by the United States against Huawei in the past year has forced the low profile Ren to step out from behind the curtain he had been ruling from to defend the company he founded.