søndag 19. april 2020

Hundreds of Rohingya refugees rescued after two months at sea

Nearly 400 Rohingya refugees who left Bangladesh by boat nearly two months ago have been rescued at sea, the Bangladesh Coast Guard has said, while confirming that at least 32 people died on the journey. The group, consisting mostly of women and children, set out in the Bay of Bengal on a large fishing trawler in mid-February, Bangladesh Coast Guard spokesman Hamidul Islam told CNN. They tried to reach Malaysia but were turned back, he said. The rescue took place on Wednesday or Thursday.

At least 32 people died and their bodies were thrown into the sea, Islam said, citing statements from the rescued refugees. "The deaths were due to several causes. Some died due to lack of food while some due to various illnesses," he said.

As the boat reached the Malaysian coast, it was turned back by the country's authorities, Islam said. The overcrowded trawler then traveled to Myanmar and tried to enter twice but was denied entry by the Myanmar navy, according to Islam. The Malaysian coast guard has not yet responded to CNN's request for comment on Friday. CNN also reached out on Friday to Myanmar's Foreign Ministry and its embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital, but has not received a response.