torsdag 23. april 2020

'Fake' meat on the menu as China reopens restaurants

As China reopens restaurants and cafes, more plant-based "fake" meat products are popping up on menus. On Wednesday, Beyond Meat started selling its plant-based food in China through thousands of Starbucks cafes. Fast-food chain KFC said it will also start trialling fake chicken nuggets from next week.

As China recovers from the coronavirus outbreak, more people are looking to lead healthier lifestyles. US-based Beyond Meat said it had "seen the growing demand for plant-based meat in China" and is offering three meals across 3,300 Starbucks in China. The majority of Starbucks outlets in the country have now re-opened, having been forced to close in late January. This week, KFC said it will start selling plant-based fried chicken for the first time in China for a trial period in Shanghai and the southern cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen.