lørdag 4. april 2020

Even in the coronavirus pandemic, the Japanese won't work from home until Shinzo Abe makes them

The reluctance to close offices and work remotely speaks to Japan's intense work culture, where employees are expected to put in long hours. "Some workers will stay at the office after hours because they think that the boss may be coming back after dinner with his associates," said Jesper Koll, a Japan-based economist and financial strategist. "All of this is very real part of Japanese corporate culture."

The cultural emphasis on collective decision-making in Japan can also make people feel reluctant to work from home, where they will not be physically surrounded by colleagues. "The situation in Japan is a bit unique compared to other countries where people have a more individualistic work style. It's easier for them to transition to teleworking," Kato said. "In Japan, one person can't make an important decision alone at their home — people have to come together to make decisions."