fredag 10. april 2020

Chinese writer faces online backlash over Wuhan lockdown diary

A Chinese writer who published a diary during her time under lockdown in Wuhan has been subjected to widespread online criticism for publishing her book in English and German.Fang Fang has been accused of contributing to a negative international narrative on China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The popular Wuhan writer began chronicling the lockdown in late January, including criticism of the official response. “How many people have died in Wuhan and their families destroyed?” she wrote on 31 January. “But so far not a single person has said sorry or taken responsibility. I’ve even seen a writer use the phrase ‘complete victory’. What are they talking about?”

Her posts were shared widely on social media even as each was quickly deleted by censors, according to the Diplomat magazine. Her Weibo account, which had more than 3.8 million followers, was shut down in February. It has since been reinstated.