onsdag 15. april 2020

Chinese state media claims country's navy is not affected by coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak, which began in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December last year, has spread to more than 180 countries and sickened close to 2 million people, including more than 80,000 in China. Yet according to the Chinese government, not a single serving member of the country's military has been infected.

The reported absence of cases among China's armed forces comes despite the factthat thousands of military personnel were sent to Wuhan to assist in front line medical efforts. It also comes in sharp contrast to other military powers, notably the United States, which have seen an uptick in cases in recent weeks. As if to underscore this point, China's official military news agency has taken to proclaiming the navy's operational readiness in the face of the global pandemic. Earlier this week, a report detailing the deployment of a Chinese naval flotilla to the Pacific was offered as evidence that the People's Liberation Army Navy has reportedly done a better job controlling coronavirus than the US Navy.