fredag 24. april 2020

China to prosecute first foreign national over Hong Kong protests

China is prosecuting its first foreign national for involvement in the Hong Kong protests, which racked the city for much of last year. State media said on Friday that Guangzhou city’s national security bureau had finished investigations into Lee Henley Hu Xiang, a Belizean national and Taiwan resident, and his case had been transferred to the Guangzhou people’s procuratorate for prosecution.

“Investigations by the national security agency confirmed that the suspect provided a large amount of funds to hostile elements in the United States, colluded with foreign anti-China forces to intervene in Hong Kong affairs, and funded the implementation of criminal activities that endangered our national security,” said Guangdong province’s state newspaper, the Nanfang Daily. The Guangzhou people’s procuratorate told the Guardian there was no official statement on the case at this time.