lørdag 4. april 2020

China mourns Covid-19 whistleblowers as Trump dismisses US face mask advice

China has stopped to mourn the thousands who have died in the coronavirus outbreak, including “martyrs” such as whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang, while Donald Trump dismissed the advice of US health officials that all Americans should consider wearing masks in public. In Tiananmen Square and throughout the country, the national flag flew at half mast on Saturday as people stopped at 10am to bow their heads for three minutes, while car, train and ship horns sounded and air raid sirens blared in the background.

In Zhongnanhai, the seat of political power in Beijing, President Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders paid silent tribute in front of the flag, with white flowers pinned to their chests as a mark of mourning. Media outlets such as Global Times and CGTN toned down the colours on the websites and Twitter accounts to simple tones of grey.