onsdag 15. april 2020

China Issues Strict Curbs on Coronavirus Research

A copy of an official directive now deleted from a number of Chinese universities and institutions informs researchers that any academic papers relating to the coronavirus pandemic are now subject to review by the authorities. The directive, titled "Notice on the publication of academic papers related to the novel coronavirus epidemic," was still visible on a cached version of a page on the website of Shanghai's prestigious Fudan University onTuesday.

It said the orders had been issued following a March 25 meeting of the public opinion management team of the epidemic control and prevention taskforce of the State Council, China's cabinet. "Academic papers relating to the novel coronavirus epidemic need to be reviewed and filed according to their classification," the directive, copies of which had been recently removed from several Chinese university websites, said. Any research on tracing the origins of the virus "should be managed strictly," the order said.