tirsdag 21. april 2020

As coronavirus crisis passes, Hong Kong might be set for more mass protests

The coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on many activities, including Hong Kong's anti-government protests. But anger in the city has not gone away, nor has the protest movement gone completely dormant, even as restrictions on gatherings and a desire to avoid infection has put a temporary halt to the kind of mass demonstrations seen in 2019.Just as the extradition bill which sparked last year's protests gave a shot in the arm to a movement that was looking all but defeated, recent moves by Beijing and the Hong Kong police have also reinvigorated opposition in the city. This comes as the city begins to consider relaxing coronavirus restrictions, with local cases dwindling to just a handful per day.

While there have been small, sporadic protests throughout winter and into spring, even with the pandemic concerns, a major rally on July 1 could be the first major test of the protest movement's ongoing public support this year. A strong turnout, in defiance of both the government and the virus, could be a sign that Hong Kong is in for another summer of discontent.