søndag 26. april 2020

Abducted Hong Kong bookseller Lam Wing-kee opens Taiwan shop

The part-owner of a Hong Kong bookstore specialising in texts critical of China’s leaders has reopened his shop in Taiwan after fleeing Hong Kongbecause of legal troubles. The opening and accompanying news conference came days after a masked man threw red paint at Lam Wing-kee while he sat alone at a coffee shop in Taiwan. Lam suffered no physical injuries and showed little sign of the attack other than a red tint to his hair.

China’s leaders do not want a bookstore selling works that would “make them uncomfortable or impact on their political power”, Lam, who moved to Taiwan a year ago, told journalists. He thanked supporters in Taiwan and Hong Kong for the opportunity to start afresh, and said doing so made China’s leaders “less than happy“. Lam raised nearly $200,000 through online fundraising to finance his new venture.

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