tirsdag 10. mars 2020

Xi Jinping visits Wuhan for first time since coronavirus outbreak began

China’s leader Xi Jinping has visited Wuhan for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak began, a signal that the nation’s leadership believes its fight against the epidemic has been largely won. According to the official state news agency Xinhua, Xi landed in Wuhan on Tuesday where he planned to “visit and express his regards” for frontline medical workers, military, community staff, local party officials, as well as patients and residents.

Xi has been notably absent from the frontline of what has been the largest challenge to his presidency and tenure as head of the ruling Chinese Communist party. While issuing many statements and chairing high-profile work meetings on the government’s handling of the crisis, Xi’s appearances in public have been few, prompting questions about whether he would shift the blame for the crisis, which has caused widespread public anger.