lørdag 21. mars 2020

Wuhan Police Apologize for Punishing Coronavirus Whistleblower

Police in the central Chinese city of Wuhan issued an apology Thursday and announced the retraction of a letter of criticism against martyred coronavirus whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang. The apology came hours after the National Supervisory Commission, China’s top anti-corruption agency, released a report on an investigation into Li’s death and the events preceding it. The report had urged Wuhan’s public security officials to withdraw the letter and “hold the relevant people responsible.”

“The letter of criticism issued by the Zhongnan Road police station was inappropriate, and the law enforcement process was nonstandard,” the commission concluded. Investigators found that the two signatures on the letter chastising Li for “spreading rumors” — officers surnamed Hu and Xu — were both signed by Hu. “Actually, Xu didn’t participate in their conversation,” the report said. The commission therefore determined that the local authorities should correct their error, withdraw the letter of criticism, hold the relevant individuals accountable, and inform the public of the action taken.