onsdag 11. mars 2020

‘Our Daily Media Consumption Is Completely Different’

I asked my mom when the moment was that she became critical of a system whose leader she had genuinely thought would save the world. She said there wasn’t a clear moment, but there were many moments adding up to make her question what she was taught to believe in. When she was about 12, a local Party member came to her home to collect eggs—all families were required to turn in a portion of what they produced. My mom told the man: “Our chicken doesn’t have eggs today, why do we have to turn in eggs?” 

The man turned to my mom and raised his voice: “You are lucky you are just a kid.” My mom was scared and ran off. She said many families, including hers, didn’t always have enough eggs, so they sometimes bought them from the market to turn in to avoid being labeled “counter revolutionaries.” “At the time, I didn’t understand why we had to turn in eggs even when we didn’t have any. The eggs were so precious even our family was reluctant to eat them,” my mom told me. She said that was her earliest memory of understanding what lies were.