lørdag 28. mars 2020

India faces up to potential coronavirus crisis, but is the country really prepared for a 21 day lockdown?

India's normally bustling streets are quiet. Delivery drivers wear gloves and face masks. Even the country's unrelenting construction has come to a halt. It's all part of India's unprecedented 21-day bid to stop the coronavirus pandemic in its tracks with a nationwide lockdown.

India is the world's second-most populous country and has the fifth-biggest economy, with trade connections all over the world. Yet despite its size, the country of 1.34 billion appears to have avoided the full hit of the pandemic. To date, India has only 492 confirmed cases of coronavirus and nine deaths. By contrast, South Korea -- which has a population only 3.8% the size of India's -- has more than 9,000 cases. China, where the outbreak was first identified, has more than 81,000 confirmed cases in a population of 1.39 billion.