fredag 27. mars 2020

Hold China accountable for the coronavirus

Communist China allowed its domestic coronavirus epidemic to become a global pandemic. It refused to provide accurate and timely information to residents at the epicenter of the outbreak in Hubei province. It denied sufficient access and information-sharing to experts from the World Health Organization. Early on, China asserted that the virus showed no indications of human-to-human transmission, giving travelers weeks to spread it to other countries before finally admitting there was a problem.

Avoiding any one of those decisions might have saved us from the crisis we now confront. But today, rather than express regret, China is attempting to shift blame for the pandemic onto the United States. Without a shred of evidence, the regime now claims that U.S. Army soldiers brought the virus to Hubei. This ghoulish deception must not be entertained even momentarily. It fails the laugh test. And once the immediate crisis clears and life returns to relative normality, the U.S. should lead a global effort to hold China to account. The question is, how?