mandag 23. mars 2020

Chinese Students Overseas Flock Home, Get Slammed Online For Risking China’s Success In Containing COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, especially in Western countries such as Italy and the U.S., a growing number of Chinese students studying abroad have been racing to return home to China, where the outbreak is believed to be under control after causing more than 3,000 deaths. In a bid to reduce the risk of imported COVID-19 infections causing a second wave of the disease, Chinese authorities in most cities have implemented a rule that requires arrivals from overseas — both Chinese citizens and foreigners — to complete 14 days of isolation at designated quarantine facilities.

But despite this mandatory preventive measure, many Chinese students who have made the journey back to China have found themselves on the receiving end of intense criticism on social media, with some extreme comments accusing them of harming the country’s efforts to curb the epidemic and exploiting local medical resources without contributing anything.