fredag 6. mars 2020

Chinese police place Britons in enforced isolation after ferry trip

Joanna Davison and her partner were relaxing in their flat in Shenzhen, China, when the phone rang. She was told by the Chinese authorities that they had been exposed to the coronavirus at close proximity and that officials were on their way. “It was terrifying. Five people in hazmats turned up at our apartment, they looked like ghostbusters,” she said. “They took swabs from our nose and throat and said they’d return in the morning so we should start packing.”

In the end, they came sooner. Late on Sunday night, a team of masked officers who described themselves as police arrived at their door. They announced that the couple were being forcibly quarantined and warned that if they resisted, the police would use force. It transpired that Joanna, 30, an international schoolteacher, and her partner, had been onboard the same ferry as a man who later tested positive for coronavirus, while traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen two days earlier.