mandag 30. mars 2020

Chinese citizens fear catching coronavirus from 'silent' carriers

Two weekends ago, Wang, a 59-year old cleaner who works at a library in Henan province, accompanied her former classmate Zhang home for China’s tomb-sweeping holiday, when families tend to the graves of their ancestors. She met Zhang, a local doctor, at a bus stop and the two drove out to the countryside. They shared three meals together.

On Tuesday last week, Wang developed a cough and two days later, a fever. Her son took her to hospital where she was tested for Covid-19. On Saturday, she became not only the first person in her province in 30 days to catch coronavirus via local transmission, but one of the country’s few new infections. Wang’s case, detailed by Henan’s health commission, has raised alarm because of the possibility she contracted the virus from Zhang, an asymptomatic or “silent” carrier. These are people who officials have repeatedly said pose a low risk of contagion and who are not reflected in the government’s published tally of confirmed cases.