søndag 15. mars 2020

China’s Delivery Services Have Saved The Country’s F&B Industry During COVID-19

Ellen Xu, the owner of a Hangzhou-based neighborhood bar called Chimney, has seen business decline sharply in the last month and a half due to COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean she’s sitting back or giving up. “We launched a creative beverage program on platforms such as Ele.me,” Xu said, referring to Alibaba’s food delivery service. “It’s an online drink delivery service providing measured amounts of cocktail ingredients with easy instruction videos so people can make their own cocktails at home.”

If it seems strange that a bar would start taking orders online, it shouldn’t: During this coronavirus period, many businesses have found innovative ways to stay afloat — that includes thinking of fresh strategies to promote existing products. “The point is, people can’t go out to have the bar experience, so we bring the experience home to them,” Xu said.