tirsdag 24. mars 2020

China Military Online: The US loses scores in global pandemic test

The US is facing mounting pressure over prevention and control of the COVID-19 as the pandemic wreaks havoc around the world. The latest statistics show that the US has had more than 19,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases cumulatively and more than 200 deaths. The White House tried to play down the outbreak at first and only woke up to its severity recently. Its mishandling has aggravated the situation, said an article published on POLITICO, a Washington-based website and newspaper that focuses on American politics.

In the face of such a global public health emergency, a responsible government should be focused on dealing with the crisis, but certain American politicians and media chose to shift the blame on China at this critical moment. They used the language “Chinese virus”, spread rumors of “virus made-in-China”, and brazenly demanded compensation from China, aiming to instigate xenophobia and racism, shift the focus of public opinions, and find excuses for their misconduct and incompetence.