tirsdag 24. mars 2020

Blame game escalates between US and China over coronavirus disinformation

President Donald Trump says he has declared war on the coronavirus in an effort to contain the outbreak and its economic impact here at home, but on the world stage, his administration is engaged in another battle as the US and China fight to shape the narrative about the pandemic's origins.
Trump and senior members of the administration have attempted to brand the outbreak as the result of a "Chinese virus" as they ramp up accusations that Beijing failed to identify, stop or warn about the virus early on.

The administration has also implemented a coordinated messaging campaign which includes talking points sent out by the National Security Council pushing US officials to highlight China's alleged "coverup" and subsequent disinformation campaign, CNN has learned. Still, it remains unclear if the administration has a comprehensive strategy in place to counter Beijing's disinformation push as Chinese officials continue to overtly spread false and misleading information about the virus with little recourse beyond strongly worded statements from US officials.