søndag 16. februar 2020

US to evacuate Diamond Princess passengers, as global coronavirus cases top 69,000

The novel coronavirus has infected more than 69,000 people globally, mostly in mainland China. The death toll is 1,669, including four people outside mainland China. President Xi Jinping knew about the coronavirus outbreak in early January, he said in a speech this month. Xi says he "issued requirements for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus" on Jan. 7.

70 more coronavirus cases were confirmed on board the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise liner in Yokohama, Japan, bringing total infections to 356. A flight evacuating US passengers is due to depart later Sunday -- those on board will face another quarantine once they land. A Chinese tourist who tested positive for the virus died in France, health officials confirmed on Saturday. There's been a spike in numbers this week -- including 15,000 in one day -- because China changed how cases are tabulated.