onsdag 12. februar 2020

Everyday Life in China Under the Shadow of Coronavirus

“Our whole family has been living on top of a mountain since a month ago, until all be smoothly safe.” Lightly edited for clarity, that is the message from a Chinese couple in Zhejiang province, China, 700 kilometers (approximately 432 miles) east of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

All over China, people are finding creative and individualized ways of handling a deadly health crisis that is getting worse before it gets better. In messages from Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang province, and Jiangsu province, Chinese friends report that they are “doing fine,” that “we are still alive,” and that “it will all be fine, I believe.” One family in Beijing, 1,100 kilometers (just over 700 miles) north of Wuhan, have opted to remain in their two-story townhome indefinitely. They have solved their food problem by ordering online. Through a neighbor, meals are delivered outside their doorstep by the following day.