onsdag 12. februar 2020

Coronavirus: Chinese man under lockdown runs 31 miles in his living room

A Chinese marathon runner under lockdown during the coronavirus outbreak has kept his spirits up by running 31 miles (50km) around his living room. Pan Shancu from the city of Hangzhou completed 6,250 laps of track consisting of two large tables set up inside his apartment. The amateur marathon runner said he “could not bear sitting down any more”, as he and many other people across China have been confined to their homes for weeks.

Pan posted proof of the feat on social media site Weibo last week, with video of his set up and screenshots from his running app that tracked his run. The runner said each lap of his room was 8 metres, and he eventually completed more than six thousand in four hours, 48 minutes and 44 seconds. “I have not been outside for many days, today I cannot bear sitting down any more!” he posted last week. “One lap is about 8m – I ran 50km, did it in 4:48:44, sweated all over, feels great!”