torsdag 13. februar 2020

Coronavirus: China purges regional leaders hours after spike in deaths and new cases

The number of deaths and infections caused by the coronavirus in China has risen dramatically after authorities changed the way they calculate the figures amid an ongoing purge of party officials in the stricken province of Hubei and in Hong Kong. Figures released on Thursday morning showed deaths in Hubei, the epicentre of the deadly outbreak, had increased by 254 and new confirmed cases rose by over 15,000 – a jump of about a third on the total so far.

With data from other provinces still being collated, the number of people who have died from the infection on the mainland is now 1,380.n Shiyan, a city in central Hubei, authorities have instituted “war-time measures,” where only those actively involved in fighting the virus are allowed to leave their homes. From Thursday, all buildings will be sealed. Residential areas will also be sealed and put under 24-hour watch. Public security will enforce the measures.

“Residents without prior approval are forbidden from leaving their home, building or residential compound,” the government notice said. Those who break the rules “will be detained without exception”, it said.