torsdag 23. januar 2020

Wuhan placed under lockdown as coronavirus outbreak kills 17 in China

China's National Health Commission gas released some of details about the 17 people who were killed by the Wuhan coronavirus. Among the dead are 13 men and four women. The time period from symptoms showing to death is between 10 days and three weeks in most cases, according to the government's information.

There was no mention of pre-existing conditions for seven of those who were killed. Six of the seven were men, ages 53, 61, 66, 69, 81 and 82. The only woman who died who was not listed as having a pre-existing condition was 70 years old.

Here's some of what we learned about some of the other victims:

Seven suffered from high blood pressure and five suffered from diabetes, among other conditions. One had cancer and one had Parkinson's. The oldest were two 89-year-old men with pre-existing conditions. One, surnamed Chen, sought hospital treatment on January 13 when after he experienced difficulty breathing -- but no fever. He was pronounced dead on January 19. The other, surnamed Wang, visited Tong Ji Hospital in Wuhan on January 5 for urinary incontinence and was admitted that day. On January 8, he was transferred to emergency care after he fell unconscious. Doctors then discovered an infection in his lungs. He died 10 days later.

The youngest was a 48-year-old woman surnamed Yin who was suffering from fever, exhaustion and a cough. She was treated by a clinic on December 10 for two weeks but did not improve. On December 27, she was admitted to Tong Ji Hospital but then transferred to Jin Yin Tan Hospital, also in Wuhan, on December 31. She died on January 20. Yin was suffering fromdiabetes and a cerebral infarction before contracting the virus.