torsdag 16. januar 2020

'Regret and unhappiness': China offers muted response to US trade deal

Reaction in China to the US trade deal has been muted, with state media playing down news of the agreement signed in Washington and adopting a conciliatory tone.On Wednesday, Donald Trump and the Chinese vice-premier, Liu He, signed an initial pact that hits pause on more than two years of escalating trade tensions. China pledged to buy more US products while the US called off additional tariffs on Chinese goods, among other measures agreed between the two sides.

While the US president hailed the pact as “the biggest deal anybody has ever seen,” Chinese officials and state media described it in much more cautious terms. President Xi Jinping described the new agreement as a sign that the US and China can resolve their differences with dialogue, stating in a message delivered by Liu that the two countries had “made progress” and should “properly address each others’ concerns” to push bilateral ties on the “right track”.