torsdag 16. januar 2020

Putin may be following Xi's lead, but he's nowhere near as secure as the Chinese leader

Two decades after he first took power, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears poised to stay on for the foreseeable future. But as he delicately rearranged his country's government in order to do so, he may have been looking enviously across the Altai Mountains to China, where his close ally Xi Jinping achieved the same power grab with apparent ease.

While Xi's 2018 move to drop term limits on the presidency and clear the decks to serve for life may have involved much internal politicking within the Chinese Communist Party, it was presented to the country as a fait accompli. Since then, the Party has only coalesced even tighter around Xi, ramping up the propaganda about him and giving him yet more titles, including one previously only held by Mao Zedong, that of "people's leader."