søndag 19. januar 2020

Documenting the plight of China's 7 million 'left-behind' children

Over the past decade, Tami Xiang has photographed more than 300 "left-behind" children and their families in rural China for her work Peasantography, a visual documentary of the "left-behind" generation. Tami came to Australia in 2011 as an interpreter working for a mining company in Perth and started her study of photography soon after.

She used to think being "left behind" was nothing special until she was struck by the contrast once she started working as a family portrait photographer in Perth and saw what typical Australian families were like. Tami said she believed children growing up "left behind" suffered a series of problems such as "educational, mental health, safety and social" issues and she intended to raise greater awareness of their plight with her work.

"They were brought up by grandparents who [themselves] received little education and had to quickly fit into the fast-developing modern society once they grew up," Tami said.