tirsdag 14. januar 2020

Chinese Official Says Taiwan Election Brings '10,000-Year Stink' of Separatism

After Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen swept to a landslide victory inSaturday's general elections, China said on Monday that the democratic island's "separatists" would "leave a 10,000-year stink." Tsai saw off China's preferred candidate Han Kuo-yu, garnering more than 57 percent of the total vote after she vowed to defend the island's way of life against threats, infiltration and saber rattling by China to win a second term in office.

Chinese state councilor and top diplomat Wang Yi said China wouldn't alter its view on Taiwan as a result of Tsai's resounding victory, saying it has a "consensus" with the international community that the island is part of China.

"This consensus won't alter a bit because of a local election on Taiwan, and will not be shaken because of the wrong words and actions of certain Western politicians," Wang added, in an apparent reference to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who congratulated Tsai for dealing with "unrelenting pressure." "Those who split the country will be doomed to leave a stink for 10,000 years," said Wang, who used to head China's Taiwan Affairs Office.