søndag 26. januar 2020

China's Harvesting of Uyghur Organs Gets Darker

«Now I have prove [sic] that ‘halal organs’ are real!” tweeted Enver Tohti, a former oncology surgeon in Xinjiang, China, on Sunday in response to a Chinese woman who provided a first-hand account of China’s illegal and grotesque organ harvesting programme in which she claims to have witnessed 37 Saudi nationals who were the recipients of organs forcibly removed from the “people of Xinjiang” – presumably Uyghur Muslims – at the Department of Liver Transplantation, Tianjin Taida Hospital in 2006.

When the interviewer asks “why were the people of Xinjiang chosen?” she replies: “Because they [the Saudi organ recipients] want Halal organs.”

When Tohti, and the Chinese woman identified only as Ms Aili, refer to “halal organs”, they are making reference to mounting claims that China is forcibly removing organs from Muslim political prisoners and then marketing them to mostly Saudi recipients on the basis their organs haven’t been exposed to alcohol, pork and other items considered forbidden – despite “halal organs” having no grounding whatsoever in Islamic ruling or practice.