tirsdag 31. desember 2019

China internet: Top talking points of 2019 and how they evaded the censors

China has one of the most tightly controlled internet environments in the world, but despite this its 854 million internet users yet again in 2019 found ways to challenge the government or talk about the issues they want to discuss.

This year, China has seen a reignited #MeToo movement, young people have challenged unethical working hours, and the nation has united in concern against the aggressive rollout of AI technologies. But the government has also promoted its own interests related to the environment, the business sector, and of course, in Hong Kong.n the last six months, this one topic has dominated news coverage on social media platforms both inside and outside mainland China.

In fact the large-scale Hong Kong protests, which attracted international media attention in early June, led to the word "Hong Kong" initially becoming a censored search term on 9 June. When the protests first began, the Beijing government censored any reference to them, but after it became clear they wouldn't go away, official media mounted a heavy media campaign to portray the demonstrations as violent with "shades of terrorism".