tirsdag 24. desember 2019

American allies ‘needed for targeted decoupling from China’

The United States should work with allies to confront China on trade and decouple the American and Chinese economies, according to a former senior US envoy. The assessment by former US ambassador to India Ashley Tellis is part of a book by the Seattle-based National Bureau of Asian Research called Strategic Asia 2020: US-China Competition for Global Influence to be released next month.

In one chapter, Tellis looks at the “return of strategic competition” between the two countries, saying the official trend in Washington was towards “the view that China is today and will be for the foreseeable future the principal challenger to US”.  “The US quest for a partnership with China was fated to fail once China’s growth in economic capabilities was gradually matched by its rising military power,” he said. 

Tellis said the US must renew its commitment to uphold the liberal international order built by US power, “provide the global public goods that bestow legitimacy upon its primacy, and strengthen its power-projection capabilities to protect its allies and friends”.

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