fredag 4. oktober 2019

Hong Kong government to discuss emergency ban on face masks, reports say

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Office is expected to discuss invoking rarely-used emergency powers to ban people from wearing face masks during public assemblies, according to local media, a move likely to infuriate the thousands of young people involved in the months-long protest movement.

The South China Morning Post reported that the ban could come into effect as early as midnight Friday, according to unnamed sources. The Chief Executive Office, individual Hong Kong lawmakers and police would not confirm or deny plans for a ban to CNN.
The vast majority of people who have attended the city's recent pro-democracy demonstrations do so wearing masks to hide their identity, fearful that they could be arrested or targeted by police. Gas masks and respirators to protect against tear gas, which is often used by authorities to disperse unauthorized gatherings, have also become commonplace. In order to enact such a ban the Chief Executive Office would invoke the city's colonial-era Emergency Regulations Ordinance, which grants the government sweeping emergency powers.