torsdag 3. oktober 2019

Give Hong Kong democracy: do you hear the angry people sing?

Have you heard the people sing? I have, lots of times. Not the one from Les Misérables or the national anthem that millions sang across China on October 1 to mark its
70th National Day. The one I have heard is the  home-grown Glory to Hong Kong, composed anonymously and fine-tuned by netizens.

If you think such an online job can’t possibly be meaningful, you’re wrong. The tune, lyrics, and video capture perfectly the spirit of the political movement rocking Hong Kong. That movement reached its  bloodiest yet two days ago. I was covering the protests. Never had I seen such seething anger on the streets of Hong Kong. The city had the feel of a war zone combined with martial law. This is what I wrote on June 27: “Bricks, sharpened poles, sieges, rubber bullets, and tear gas today. What next? Burning cars, bombs, shattered shop windows, and real police bullets in response? Let’s not even go there.” We went there two days ago.