fredag 18. oktober 2019

Does Huawei's future lie with India after US ban?

Chinese tech giant Huawei, which has been banned from selling 5G equipment to US telecom companies, is making an aggressive push to market itself in India. "It's been squeezed out of countries by a few governments already, and so a possible contract with India for 5G would be especially important," Arun Sukumar, a tech analyst at the Observer Research Foundation, told the BBC.

"It's worth noting that even though Huawei is comfortable at the moment, it will need to continue to invest across the world and into new markets in order to stay afloat - and what's a bigger market than India?" Huawei has also been banned in Australia, and several other countries are considering following suit. The US says Huawei equipment contains back doors that would enable Chinese surveillance.