onsdag 16. oktober 2019

China’s targeting of the NBA shows why it may fail at building soft power – and the Chinese dream

Let’s forget about the Chinese dream as one in which Beijing builds thicker and warmer ties with the rest of the world. Let’s forget about the dream of a China that accepts the norms of open societies. This is a China determined to enforce political correctness. The problem with authoritarian governments is that the more control they exercise, the more control they want. There is always an untidy person, an inconvenient tweet. Even Stalin and Mao could not completely control their hundreds of millions of people.

A more pluralistic society in the 30 years after economic reform began in China in 1979 is giving way to a world in which Winnie the Pooh is banished. A country with China’s military and economic power is worried about Winnie the Pooh?