tirsdag 1. oktober 2019

Change will come to China, but not through following western ways

Tuesday, 15,000 perfectly groomed military personnel, each between 5ft 9in and 6ft 1in tall, will march down Chang’an Avenue in Beijing. Some 170 aeroplanes and 580 ballistic missiles, drones, tanks, machine guns and other military kit will showcase the might of the People’s Republic of China. The parade marks the 70th anniversary of the day that Mao Zedongannounced the founding of the People’s Republic from atop the Tiananmen Gate. It will inspire a sense of pride among Chinese citizens and worries among their neighbours, especially Taiwan.

However, to measure the state of China now, it is worth bearing in mind another anniversary that was marked in May – the centenary of demonstrations against the decision of the peacemakers in Versailles to hand Shandong province to Japan rather than China.