tirsdag 10. september 2019

Why China went on a global media blitz over the Hong Kong protests – and why it probably won’t work

The campaign gained momentum in June, as Hongkongers turned out on an unprecedented scale to protest against a now-withdrawn extradition bill, but really took off in August.
As the demonstrations grew into confrontations with police, protesters brought Hong Kong’s airport to a standstill and the city’s streets were choked in tear gas and smoke, top Chinese diplomats ramped up a coordinated effort to promote Beijing’s position.

From the United States to Mongolia and Nigeria to Costa Rica, Chinese envoys to more than 70 countries, regions and international organisations wrote opinion pieces for local news outlets, granted interviews, held media briefings and made speeches in a flurry of public relations activity.They spread Beijing’s word in more than 10 languages, not only condemning violent protesters but also accusing the West of trying to foment a “colour revolution” in Hong Kong.