søndag 1. september 2019

U.S. Companies: China Unfair, But We Don't Really Care

Elon Musk may be excited about announcing the launch of his Boring Company in China this week. Musk says China is the future. He's right. Especially if this keeps up: over 90% of American companies in China say that their Chinese competition, both state and private, receive "tangible benefits" that they do not. In other words, a near plurality of American companies say they are playing on a totally uneven playing field. But herein lies the rub. They all want to be there anyway, and less than 10% have plans to leave.

China's rise has put Western style capitalism on notice. From the point of borderless, multinational corporations, whose main home is the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange, current tariffs on China are not enough to persuade them to leave. China is where it's at, freedom or no freedom. No one in the C-suite is really all that worried about it.

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