torsdag 26. september 2019

Mommy don't go to work': sexist children's song prompts outcry in China

A father-daughter duo who performed a song titled: “Mommy, don’t go to work” in China has prompted outcry online from parents and feminists. The song, penned by a little-known musician and comedian Yan Lifei, includes lyrics: “Mommy, don’t go to work, or I will have no one to play with. Mommy, even if you do go to work, you won’t make much money ... when I grow up I definitely won’t let mommy go to work anymore.”

The song, previously sung by Yan and his daughter on state broadcaster CCTV, went viral on Chinese social media earlier this month when its lyrics were posted online where they came under fire. Online users questioned the misogyny behind the lyrics, as well as why CCTV allowed the performance.