lørdag 21. september 2019

Hong Kong enters 16th weekend of protests as police warn violence escalating beyond control

Hong Kong is headed into its sixteenth consecutive weekend of anti-government protests, as police warned the level of violence is escalating potentially beyond control, as the force faced renewed allegations of brutality. Last week saw multiple fights between protesters, counter demonstrators and apparent bystanders on the sidelines of an unauthorized march which dissolved into pitched battles between the crowd and police, with one side throwing petrol bombs and bricks and the other firing water cannon and tear gas.

At a background briefing for foreign media Friday, a senior Hong Kong police commander said officers were concerned that the level of physical force was reaching a point where they might be forced to use live ammunition to defend themselves or others. "Our officers are worried that the level of violence has got to such a level that they might have to kill someone or be killed themselves," the commander said. "We have been so restrained but in the face of such violence this pressure has become extremely dangerous."