søndag 1. september 2019

Gridlock as protesters gather at Hong Kong airport following violent night

Protesters in Hong Kong succeeded in shutting down transport links to and from the city's international airport on Sunday, as they targeted the key aviation hub following a night of violent clashes with police.

While most protesters did not get close to the airport terminals -- after a court injunction and heavy police presence was put in place following clashes there last month -- they succeeded in blocking roads and and prompted the city's subway operator to suspend its airport service. Photos also showed extreme traffic congestion on a key bridge leading to the airport, with travelers and airport staff forced to get out and walk.

Riot police appeared at the airport transport terminal on Sunday afternoon, where they faced large crowds of protesters who had gathered there in an attempt to press on towards the terminals. In a statement, authorities warned protesters gathered at the airport to "leave immediately," and said some had already charged barriers and blocked roads.