fredag 13. september 2019

China Warns 8 Years Imprisonment for Tibetans Sharing Hong Kong News

The Chinese authorities in Tibet have published instructions on their state run news website not to share illegal content on their micro messaging app, WeChat. According to the instruction published weeks ago, Tibetan nationals have been warned of punishment up to 8 years imprisonment for share news related to Hong Kong on WeChat.

The publication of instructions issued through a state run media website has sternly warned the Tibetans in the Qinghai province of Tibet of punishment of up to 8 years imprisonment for sharing illegal information on the WeChat. According to the publication, activities deemed illegal include sharing sensitive political information, believing and sharing rumours, sharing news about Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong before officially reported by state media, and participating in democratic activity like canvassing.

“The Chinese government has told citizens of Qinghai province in north eastern Tibet they could face up to eight years in prison if caught sharing illegal content on a popular communications app called WeChat.” said the report by Free Tibet.