søndag 8. september 2019

CCP Attempts to Enforce Social Credit in Hong Kong Campuses

China’s infamous social credit system threatens to gradually deprive its citizens of what’s left of their rights and freedoms. In 2014, the State Council promulgated a Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System (2014 to 2020), with pilot trials launched in various regions of China. Expected to be fully implemented next year, the system will track and score 1.4 billion citizens to determine their social standing. This score will decide whether or not one can travel, be promoted at work, buy a car or a house; and even what kind of school one’s children can attend. 

Presented by the government as a tool to create a “culture of integrity” and increase “the level of credibility of the entire society,” the system is, in fact, yet another measure for the regime to monitor and control everyone, at all times. And now the CCP is attempting to implement it in Hong Kong.