mandag 2. september 2019

Beijing’s treatment of Cathay is just the start. Welcome to Hong Kong’s future of corporatism

Cathay’s bosses were informed by the mainland authorities that if they wanted their airline to continue flying over Chinese airspace – in short, if they wanted to remain in business – they had better begin policing their employees’ political opinions pronto. They had no choice but to comply, ritually sacrificing their chief executive officer (albeit by resignation rather than auto-da-fé) and quickly sacking a number of offending employees, including a union leader, reportedly fired for the political content of her social media posts.

Cathay employees complain about a “white terror”, and they have a good point. Frustrated by the legal freedoms Hongkongers enjoy, at least in theory, the approach the Communist Party is adopting in the face of the city’s anti-government protests is one of naked corporatism.