lørdag 3. august 2019

This isn’t true’: Uighur families angered by China claim relatives freed

When news broke that senior officials in China were saying 90% of Uighursdetained in Xinjiang’s notorious detention centres had been released, Nurgul Sawut’s phone started going crazy. “My Whatsapp, my Signal, my Facebook, everyone was tagging me in their posts,” said Sawut, a Uighur community leader based in Canberra. “Everyone started reacting. They were saying: ‘If 90%, where are my relatives, where are my family and friends?’ We’re not seeing any of those people in the community, who are you releasing?”

The statement on Wednesday came during a briefing by senior officials in the far-western region of Xinjiang, home to the Uighur ethnic minority group, who have been detained in huge numbers in detention facilities over the last few years.

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