søndag 11. august 2019

Taiwan, Tibet and Uygur expats join Hongkongers in New York to show support for protests

Taiwanese, Tibetan and Uygur expatriates joined Hongkongers in New York on Saturday to show their support for the city’s anti-government protesters. The demonstration at Pier 81 in midtown Manhattan was staged across the street from the Chinese consulate and attracted more than 100 people dressed in black and carrying yellow umbrellas – two of the symbols associated with the Hong Kong protest movement.

Overseas Hongkongers have staged a series of protests in recent weeks and the demonstrators on Saturday primarily consisted of students and professionals from the city. But a number of Tibetans, Taiwanese and Uygurs were also involved. “Our hearts share in the pride of seeing students, parents, grandparents on the streets of Hong Kong, proclaiming a story of intergenerational resistance,” said Canada-born Taiwanese Gloria Hu, a co-organiser from the Keep Taiwan Free group.