onsdag 7. august 2019

Masked men destroy Hong Kong Lennon wall at Australia's University of Queensland

The University of Queensland has promised to take action after a pro-Hong Kong Lennon wall on its campus was torn down on Monday night by four masked men. The colourful protest wall – similar to those around Hong Kong and the rest of the world – had attracted hundreds of notes calling for democracy and solidarity with Hong Kong, and opposing the totalitarianism of the Chinese government. Two weeks ago pro-Beijing government protesters clashed violently with Hong Kong international students on the university’s Brisbane campus, punching and shoving.

Lennon walls, inspired by a wall in Prague that 1980s activists decorated with Beatles quotes, have become a popular form of protest against Hong Kong’s controversial extradition bill. The first Hong Kong Lennon wall was created during 2014’s umbrella movement. They have spread widely this year, including to Australian campuses.